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Billeder fra Flensburg med Viktoria 2010

Billederne ligger på mit picasa web album.

Se billeder fra turen til Flensborg

Så er der billeder fra min sejltur til Flensborg, hvor vi deltog i årets rom-regatta. Billederne ligger på Viktorialaugets picasa album.

Se også Viktorialaugets hjemmeside.

Kulingræs med Viktoria

Viktoria viser mig verden

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Halong bay and Cat Ba island

Hanoi was splendid. Museums, pagodas, a lot of motorbikes and a lot of people. We discovered night life. According to law, all bars close around midnight, but a number of them will let you in if you knock the door. If police comes by, they are bribed. It seems this pattern suits all parts. It might be a welcome income to the policemen, who are not paid that much, and the bar owners and guests can have the nightlife they want. Hanoi has mostly the same chaotic way of life as Saigon, it seems. Street sellers, a billion small shops, a billion restaurants, bars and hotels and a billion tour offices all trying to convince you to go somewhere on a tour.
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Temples and Tailors revisited

Leaving Hoi An it’s time to consider what happened. And Yes, I admit, I was caught in a shopping frenzy. My bag is now 18 kilo’s worth of tailor made clothes and handcrafted shoes. Of course, we went out to see stuff, but Hoi An has been mainly about 3 danish guys that otherwise hate shopping, going crazy in a city of too many shops, too cheap too not afford it, and too many fun bargains and design discussions with the sales people. I’ll stick to telling the rest with pictures.
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Divers and Tailors

First: We’re OK, being far from the storm and earthquake.

From Aljazeera:

At least five people were missing in Lao Cai’s resort town of Sapa, popular with foreign tourists, but it was not known if foreigners were among the victims, the national meteorology centre said.

We were planning to go to Sapa and will reconsider those plans, of course.

So, after snorkeling, we went for a “try dive” – about 6 or 7 meters down, with all the fancy equipment, and a world of beauty unveiled itself. Continue Reading →

Nha Trang

Hi again! This time I’ll try to write in English as a favor to my possible non-danish readers 🙂

Being in Vietnam is one hell of an experience. It’s somewhat of a culture-clash for me (I’ve never been outside Europe before) and I’m learning something new everyday. Besides the traveling life, which I’ll come back to in a moment, Vietnam has spawned a lot of thought. Continue Reading →

Nattog til Nha Trang

Saa blev det tid til at forlade Saigon. Vi tog nattoget til Nha Trang. Et tog som Anders mente mindede utroligt meget om hans oplevelse fra Hviderusland. Det bumlede ogsaa noget aftsted, og det var indimellem saa jeg troede det ville hoppe af sporet. 300 km paa 6,5 timer – hurtigt gaar det jo ikke her i landet, men frem kom vi da.
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