Missing a freelancer doing Ruby and Rails? I'm looking for exciting projects to work on!

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Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank

A fresh new take on a heavy coorporate problem, taking risk and mitigation to a new level.



Improve webshop conversion by providing targeted functionality to the shopping experience.

Axis Communications

Axis Communications

Expand and improve existing internal tools to comply to new corporate procedures.

Frit, neutralt, demokratisk Internet, tak!

Kære Jens Rohde, Dette er blot en af sikkert rigtigt mange opfordringer, til at tage fri adgang til Internettet alvorligt. I sidste uge modtog EU parlamentet over 1 million underskrifter […]

I18n power tool: stylesheet_flipper for rails’ asset pipeline

Spice up your localization toolbox with stylesheet_flipper: Make you left-to-right (LTR) designed css stylesheets support right-to-left (RTL) locales with a snap (and vice versa). For the impatient: All this ended […]

Compiling assets during slug compilation on heroku cedar stack with rails 3.1

Trying to deploy a rails 3.1 app to heroku, I got the following error during slug compilation: path/to/image.png isn’t precompiled … Precompiling assets failed, enabling runtime asset compilation Turns out […]

Don’t use windows for Ruby on Rails development

Starting a new task at a major company, I was given a PC running windows 7 (believe it or not, they never bothered to ask me for preferences) for developing […]

Prototyping: Axure vs. Rails

Since I want to do prototypes using my favorite tool, Ruby on Rails, I thought I’d better check out Axure to see what the competition is.

Rails + jQuery request datatypes condensed

Recently I’ve noticed that the default behaviour for the jQuery UJS adapter has changed a couple of times. This is my condensed take on getting ajax working smooth with jQuery UJS and Rails 3